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A duet. A collage of memories. Movement. Sounds. Stillness. Featuring poetry by Ada Limon. 

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Georgia. is inspired by the life and work of  American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Presented at Performance Works Northwest in a shared evening of dance: Two of a Kind.


Being held 

A duet created by Beth Whelan and Taylor Pasquale, presented at FLOOR Center for Dance's In the Rough.  


Windows 11

Co-created with Roesing Ape and presented through Regional Art and Culture Council's Night Lights, Windows 11 is a projection/ dance collaboration that plays with architecture and movement. 


The moon is a round circle

"The moon is a round circle, bearing all of herself in the sky. I thought of you, like I do."

Presented in Polaris Dance Theatre's Galaxy Festival.

Coiled One.jpg

Coiled one

Inspired by the concept of Kundalini energy, Coiled One was presented by Downright Productions at Headwaters Theater. 

Look at my beautiful turbines- they make


Inspired by a field of wind turbines on the border of Colorado. Presented at Harris Theatre as part of the Mason Dance Company.  

A Momentary Fix.jpg

A momentary fix

Inspired by the concept of love entangled in the chaos of life. Presented at Harris Theater as part of the Mason Dance Company.  

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