A duet. A collage of memories. Movement. Sounds. Stillness. Featuring poetry by Ada Limon. 


Georgia. is inspired by the life and work of  American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Presented at Performance Works Northwest in a shared evening of dance: Two of a Kind.

Being held 

A duet created by Beth Whelan and Taylor Pasquale, presented at FLOOR Center for Dance's In the Rough.  

Windows 11

Co-created with Roesing Ape and presented through Regional Art and Culture Council's Night Lights, Windows 11 is a projection/ dance collaboration that plays with architecture and movement. 

The moon is a round circle

"The moon is a round circle, bearing all of herself in the sky. I thought of you, like I do."


Presented in Polaris Dance Theatre's Galaxy Festival.

Coiled one

Inspired by the concept of Kundalini energy, Coiled One was presented by Downright Productions at Headwaters Theater. 


Inspired by a field of wind turbines on the border of Colorado. Presented at Harris Theatre as part of the Mason Dance Company.  

A momentary fix

Inspired by the concept of love entangled in the chaos of life. Presented at Harris Theater as part of the Mason Dance Company.  

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