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Everyone has gone somewhere-- and everyone wanted me to go along. I just wanted to sit at home and look at the ocean and be still. This thing that the ocean is-- that I like so much-- terrifies me-- the long steady roll of the clean green breakers-- the blue day -- the spray like the manes of wild white horses flying back from the top of each wave--it is wonderful.


- Georgia O'Keefe, 1928

Inspired by the life and work of Georgia O'Keeffe, Georgia was created and presented in 2018 at Performance Works Northwest in Two of a Kind: A Shared Evening of Dance. 

Georgia incorporates the letters sent between O'Keeffe and her partner, Alfred Stieglitz throughout their relationship, as well as selected artwork of O'Keeffe.

Choreography: Beth Whelan

Dancers: Elle Crowley, Javan Mngrezzo, Ashley Iris

Sound Technician: Tofu

Lighting Design: Todd Thomas 

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