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Upcoming Events

  • Amorphous
    February 15-18, 2018
    The Headwaters Theatre
    February 15-18, 2018
    The Headwaters Theatre, 55 NE Farragut St #9, Portland, OR 97211, USA
    Presented by Downright Productions "Coiled One" | A new work by Beth Whelan Dancers: Kayla Banks, Elle Crowley, Kristalyn Gill, Whitney Wilhardt February 15-18, 8pm


Inspired by a road trip west. 

Performed at Harris Theatre, VA in 2017

Music: Pan American, Porz Goret

Dancers: Nicole Danielle, Kyla Hull, Joey Castillo, Madison Brott, Julia Cipriani

Lighting Designer: Caitlin Quinn

Costume Designer: Cat Bucchanan

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